Our Avocado Dye Process!

Materials Needed

  • 5 Gallon Bucket

  • Fabric

  • 20+ Avocado Pits

  • Crockpot

  • Water

  • Aluminum Sulfate Mordant

  • Non Reactive Bowl Like Glass


  1. Place all of your avocado pits in the crockpot. Cover them with water and set to low to cook for about 10-12 hours. You could do this the day before you dye your fabric.

  2. Pre Wash and Dry your Fabric

  3. Weigh your fabric.

  4. Calculate 20% of your fabric weight. This will be your Alum Measurement ( Aluminum Sulfate Mordant ). So if your fabric weighs 1000 grams you want 200 grams of Alum.

  5. Scale out your Alum into a glass/non reactive bowl

  6. Boil enough water to dissolve the Alum and pour over. stir a bit just to get the crystals to dissolve.

  7. Pour your Alum Solution into your 5 gal bucket and add enough warm water to fully submerge your fabric.

  8. Submerge your fabric in the alum solution. Weigh the fabric down to keep it submerged in the solution.

  9. Put the lid on the bucket and wait 2 hours

  10. Remove the Fabric and run it through a rinse and spin cycle in your washing machine. NO SOAP! If you will be dying your fabric straight away, do not dry your fabric. If you will be dying at a later point you can dry,but dampen the fabric before putting in the dye bath.

  11. Clean your 5 gal bucket.

  12. Strain the pits out of your dye and transfer your dye liquid to your bucket.

  13. Add your wet fabric to the bucket.

  14. Add enough warm water to fully submerge your fabric in the dye solution. Weigh your fabric down to keep it fully submerged in the solution.

  15. Put the lid on your bucket and wait at least 24 hours. We waited 24-48 hours, but choose the time based on the effect you want. We just used the warmth of the sun and didn't use any additional heat source.

  16. Remove your fabric and put it through another rinse cycle in your washing machine.

  17. Hang your new avocado dyed fabric to dry!