Bra Making Supplies Check List!

  • Your Main Cup Fabric : Nylon Tricot, Lace, Stretch Lace, Knit/Jersey of some sort, Scuba, Etc

  • Cup Lining Fabric OR Bra Foam

  • Power NET (not stretch mesh!—-or you can try double layering a stretch mesh if you have one you really want to use)

  • Hook and Eye Closure

  • Bra Strap Elastic

  • Rings and Sliders to match the width of your straps

  • 3/8” Picot Elastic for finishing the neckline and edges OR Fold Over Elastic *If your pattern does not call for Fold Over Elastic remember to take out the seam allowance before swapping if you want to use fold over instead!

  • 3/4” Plush Back Picot/Band Elastic

  • 3/8” Plush Underwire Channeling

  • Underwires to Fit your Size!

  • Twill Tape* Some patterns call for twill tape to stabilize seams or fold over elastic if you are using fold over elastic for your bra straps.

A Curated List of Links to Our Preferred Supplies!

Lining Fabrics

50 Denier Nylon Tricot From Needle and Nook Fabrics


Cut and Sew Bra Foam From Emerald Erin

Power Net

Tailor Made Shop

Hook and Eye Closures

If you need larger than the standard 3x3 hook and eyes you can order from Needle and Nook and they will cut them to the size you need, but we prefer the heat sealed and finished sets for us.

Bra Strap Elastic

Tailor Made Shop has a lovely selection of colors

Rings and Sliders

Picot Elastics

Fold Over Elastics



Twill Tape

Maybe For your first bra try ordering a kit to keep it simple! Just be sure to check the fabric requirements of the pattern you want to use!